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How I Check Out and Download Library eBooks for My Nook

I have already written a little bit about OverDrive and how to access your library's digital collection, but this post is focused on how to browse, checkout and download your eBook after you've downloaded and installed the necessary software. Note: You will need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions before you try downloading a book from the library's digital eBook collection. You can download and install ADE from here.)

The Search for the Perfect eBook

So I'm on my library's OverDrive homepage, and I want to browse the eBooks available. I can look for eBooks in one of two ways, I can either browse titles, or narrow my search with an advanced search.

Browsing Links
Advanced Search Page
For beginners, I'd recommend browsing titles before trying to do an advanced search, so you get used to what kind of formats and genres are generally available from your specific library. Otherwise, you may conclude a few advanced searches with zero results.

If I click on "More.." under the heading "Browse eBook Fiction," I'll pull up a page with the genres that my library offers in eBook format. It's a good place to get an overview of what's available.

Checking Out the eBook

After you find a book you want to check out, and there are multiple formats for that title, make sure you select either an .pdf or an .epub if your'e looking to read the book on your nook or similar eReader.

I am checking out "When You Reach Me" by Rebecca Stead. There is a brief description under the title, and the format is compatible with my nook, then I click "add to cart"...  (Note: These books check out like regular library books, and if it is checked out, it will say "place a hold" so I can be notified by email when the book is available.)

After clicking on add to cart. A page will pop up showing me all the items in my cart. If I'm ready to check out, I click "Proceed to Checkout" and I am asked for my library card number. After typing that in, I can select how long I would like to check out the item, and see how many digital checkouts I have left before confirming my checkout.

Downloading the eBook After Checkout

Again, it is very important that you install ADE before proceeding any further. (But don't worry, chances are if you download the title before ADE, all you'll have to do is erase the title from your hard-drive, and download it again once you install ADE.) 

So now I just need to click on the bright yellow "Download" button under the title on my checkouts page.

When you do this, keep track of WHERE you save the file on your hard-drive. If you have ADE installed, it should open in the software automatically when you click on the file. 

Once I click on the file in my hard-drive, and it loads in ADE, I'll select "Library View" (the three little books in the top left corner) and then I'll see this:

ADE Breakdown
*Psst* If, you open ADE first, but the title is not showing up in there, click on the little down arrow next to "Library" on the top left, and select, "Add Item to Library." Then select the book file (hope you remembered where you saved it!) and it should open in ADE. 

Putting the eBook on My eReader Device

Now, with my eReader plugged in to my computer, all I need to do is click and drag the title over to the icon for my eReader. A little green plus sign will pop up indicating it's ready to be transferred. Once I let go of the mouse button and it will start to download to my nook!

I can now unplug my nook and read my library eBook! On my nook it will be stored under "My Documents" in my library.

When you do this for the first time, your eReader will ask you to confirm your ADE authorization username and password. Use the same account you have on your computer or you will not be able to open the book. 

When a title reaches the due date, it will no longer be accessible. So it is possible to delete that file using ADE by clicking on the down arrow next to the title and clicking "Delete Item." It is also possible to return a title earlier than the due date by clicking on the down arrow and clicking "Return Borrowed Item."

I hope this is helpful, and if you have any questions please leave a comment so I can answer it for everyone. :)


  1. Wow, very helpful. I was wondering about using OverDrive to let people rent my books. Now I just have to figure out how to put them there. :P Tricky, tricky, tricky.

  2. Thank you! I'm not sure how you would get your books in the OverDrive database, but you could probably find out on their website!


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