Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Own the Actual Guide to the Galaxy.

CrazyOnDigital Silicone Case 4Pack Set for Barnes and Noble Nook eBook Reader - Free Wristband Included
I recently ordered some covers for my nook and I absolutely love them! They were so cheap too (but kind of smelly when I first opened them). The buttons work great with the gel cover, and it's a better tactile experience and fun to hold. I'm not as paranoid about dropping it or scuffing it.

I also got tired of using my same old screen savers and wallpaper. I just found this website called nook-Look. And here is what my nook looks like now:

My Guide to the Galaxy

I am sharing just in case any other peeps have a nook and want to make it look awesome.


  1. I'm totally jealous now! That is AWESOME! :D

  2. Those look fun; I got mine from ebay.  I can't believe how expensive they are from B&N.  Do you have a book light for yours?  I've been wondering lately if a book light would be worth the investment, I do a lot of reading at night.

  3. They are great fun! I would definitely invest in a lyra light. I can't imagine not having mine because sometimes the contrast between the text and the background is not very good for reading in dim light. 

  4. :D You should get one! They actually have a new version of e-ink nooks out. They are supposed to be better. 

  5. That actually looks so cool. Makes me want to get one. :-P

  6. I'm still entirely hesitant to get an e-reader, and I'm not entirely sure why. I love my paper and ink books and I really don't want to give that up.

  7. I haven't given up paper yet... but my ereader is SOOO convenient. I can carry a TON of books around with me that I couldn't before. :)

  8. I love mine! You won't regret getting one.

  9. I like to read print books, but I have the new Nook and I just love it! I used to have the Nook Color, but I had trouble reading on its glossy screen for long periods of time, because it is not regular e-ink like my daughter's Kindle. The new Nook is awesome, so very  lightweight and easy to read. I don't have a cover yet, so I have to admire how pretty yours looks! Enjoy it! Rae, Best O' Books

  10. Hi there! I have followed you over from your Book Blogs post.  I think you are my forth person from Hawaii that I am following. Awesome. 
    I don't have a Nook but instead I have a Kindle. I purchased an awesome red leather cover for my Kindle when I first got it. It was a good thing that I did that because I dropped my Kindle on the front porch and the only thing that saved it was the protective thick leather cover. I would have cried. No more like wailed if my Kindle had of broke! 
    The Nook covers are colourful. 
    All the best to you, from your newest follower, MichelleKCanada

  11. Oh boy something like that would've made my heart skip a beat! I'm glad your kindle survived unscathed. :) Welcome to the blog, also, who else are you following from Hawaii? I would like to check out there blogs as well!

  12. Yeah, I honestly didn't see much point to the nook color. Because reading on a backlit screen HURTS! I guess it works great for picture books, but I can only read so many of those. haha

    The new nook looks pretty sweet. I like how small it is. Oh well. I'll have to save my pennies. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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