Saturday, July 16, 2011

Star Wars Art, Office Electronics, and Steampunk AWESOMENESS

While thoroughly enjoying Epbot's steampunk post today, the though occurred to me that I should share some steampunk things I've enjoyed in the magical realm called "Internet."

The artist Bjorn Hurri made some fabulous artwork of steampunk Star Wars characters. Check out Boba Fett in steam/diesel gear.

Here is a steampunk Yoda. Check it out. The dude totally needs a hooka at his age.

Something that really gets me excited is when people convert modern electronics into the steampunk style. Here is a steampunk USB drive. Maybe one day when I'm filthy rich (har har), I'll save my novel on that.

Steampunk Workshop
Also, "smile for the camera!" Here is a steampunk webcam. 

Steampunk Workshop

Here is a picture of me taken last Halloween. I make a great dopey Vampirate. (Also, I need to mention that isn't my bird. I plundered him from a scurvy dog for a picture.) Did I mention I love genre blending?

This picture shows off the actual outfit a little bit better. I was able to make it with what I had in my wardrobe. That spyglass belongs to my awesome husband. He picked it up on Portobello Road in London. The flintlock pistol is a replica that belongs to him as well (he got that by less fancy means, via online order). 

Steampunk is also a lot of fun to write. Will definitely be sharing more steampunk-y stuff in the future. Can't get enough of it. 

Let's end with a message brought to you by your steampunk overlords:

From Dark Nouveau
Peace out.


  1. Genre-blending = my favourite kind of things. Especially in music.

  2. Genre blending in music is pretty sweet too. I love it when classical music is mixed with heavy rock.


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