Thursday, August 11, 2011

Irreverent Song and Story for Bedtime

Parents know how challenging it can be to do something as seemingly simple as putting down their little one for bedtime. They fuss. They fight. They don't want to sleep. At least that's how it is with my little one. She HATES sleeping and would much rather be awake all the time.

So I thought I would share a lullaby and a bedtime book that you probably don't want to listen to with your kids in the room. :) They both capture the frustrations of putting a child to sleep.

Tim Minchin Sings a Lullaby:

Samuel L. Jackson Reads "Go the F--K to Sleep":

I don't think I know anyone in the world who can swear as well as Samuel L. Jackson.


  1. The hubs loves Tim Minchin. He played me that lullaby on youtube. Repeatedly.

    I think he was trying to say something. LOL


  2. HAHAHA! I love hearing that. My husband and I are Minchin-ites. We love that furry, barefoot dude. He's like a hobbit. A hobbit that sings fabulous songs.

  3. They chose the best narrator they possibly could have for "Go the F**K to Sleep."  I laughed so hard the first time I listened to it!  Samuel L. Jackson ftw.

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