Monday, September 5, 2011

Google Chrome Goodreads Button

Do you love Goodreads? Are you a Chrome user? Then check out this pretty spiffy app I happened to find today. It adds a Goodreads button to book sites, allowing web users easy access to the book's Goodreads page. It was pretty simple to install.

1. In Chrome, hit CTRL+Tab to open a new tab.
2. Click on "Web Store" under Apps.

3. In the upper right side of the Chrome Web Store page, search for "goodreads".
4. Select "Goodreads Button - Kynetx for Google Chrome" in the search results.

5. Click "Add to Chrome" and select "Install" when you get the pop up.

6. This is what your browser window should look like upon installing it successfully.

And you're finished!
Goodreads Button on Amazon
See? Easy as selling organic food to a hippie. Now, next time you are on a book site like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you can access Goodreads from every book product page.

I'm looking forward to better management of my to-read list when I'm browsing books online.


  1. I use Firefox, but I'm thinking of switching to chrome....but i don't know yet. I once used chrome (awhile back) and it was just so slow and heavy.

  2. That's funny you mention that because I dropped firefox for chrome because I thought firefox was slow! Maybe you should give chrome another shot. ;)


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