Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mango is Now Mobile

Libraries and library users love Mango. I'm not talking about the fruit, but the awesome learning program that allows English speakers to learn a foreign language, and gives non-native English speakers access to valuable ESL courses. These services aren't free and libraries invest a lot of money to give their patrons access to these online courses.

That is why many will be pleased to know that you can now download and install a free app on your smartphone that will allow you to use and access Mango, well, pretty much anywhere.

Mango Mobile

Before you'll be able to use this app, you will first have to set up a Mango Language account through your library's website using your library card number. If you've already done this, great! Once you have done that, do the following to get Mango on your mobile device:

1. Go to your app store, and search for "Mango Languages".

2. Select, download, and install "Mango Languages Library Edition."

3. Select the app after installation, and log in with your email address you used to set up your Mango account via your library's website.

4. Boom. You now have access to all the same great courses on your mobile device as you do on your computer. Wasn't that easy?

For librarians, this means more bang for their buck, and for language learners, this means added convenience to learn wherever they want.

Macht Spaß!

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