Monday, July 2, 2012

Updates: I "hung out" with the Bad Astronomer!

I thought I'd give those who follow me here a little update on a few things that have been going on.

Books and Beer

For those following me on Google Plus, you may already know about last week's "Books and Beer Hangout" hosted by Epublish Unum's Evo Terra and Jeff Moriarty. My co guest was everyone's favorite bad astronomer Phil Plait. The subject of the show: writing and publishing science based books (hence, the reason my last post was a booklist for the non-science reader).

It was my first public hangout, and it turned out to be such a blast.

The post-show hangout, or "Hang Over," allowed for people to come into the hangout and ask us questions. I was so happy that peeps were interested in libraries and librarianship. There was also some discussion as to the future of publishing and the need for traditional publishers to re evaluate their business strategies with ebooks.

We also ruminated on the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. And if you haven't heard about real live (undead?) zombie ants in South America, you may or may not want to check out these National Geographic photos.

I really enjoyed meeting Phil and was so honored to chat with someone who I respect greatly as a science writer and a skeptic. I squee'd out loud when I when I first read the email invite from Evo.

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